For the episode with the same name, see Woz (episode).
Surface of Woz
The planet Woz, origin of the Lusticon.
Vital statistics
Type Desert
Size Small
Faction Divine Order?
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by Mantrid Drones.


The planet of Woz is a small desert planet with fierce storms that continually wrack the surface with vicious tornadoes reaching down from a thick cloud and dust layer, making it extremely hazardous to land on the surface. The planet is a forgotten world of the Divine Order, and the world where the Lusticon was originally developed, and where two prototype devices were discovered by the crew of the Lexx.

Appearances and HistoryEdit

The planet of Woz appears in Lexx 2.15 "Woz" when the crew of the Lexx are forced to visit when it is revealed by 790 that Zev only has 79 hours left to live before her expiry date takes effect and kills her. Upon landing they are brought before the Wozzard who claims to be able to help, but insists that Kai and Stanley Tweedle must first kill the Dark Lady, who he claims is creating love slaves to sell into the sex industry with short expiry dates. The Wozzard however lies about his lusticon, and uses it to revert Zev into her old form prior to sentencing on the Cluster, forcing her to watch a badly made propaganda video, but doing nothing to alter her expiry date. Eventually Kai and Stan breach the Dark Lady's fortress, but it is the Wozzard himself that kills her. Kai however is able to recover the control interface, allowing 790 to restore Zev's love-slave body and libido, but with a new expiry time of 79 years. The planet is later destroyed by Mantrid drones.

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