All current images at time of writing have been licensed and categorised, bar any minor mistakes!

From now on, all new images should be licensed when they're uploaded with {{Fairuse}}, and then added to suitable categories. As a general rule, the categories to look out for:

  • Episode that the image was taken from.
  • Location (planet, ship, station, city etc.) that the image takes place, for example, many images are taken on The Lexx.
  • Characters present in the image. Not a big deal if they're in the background and hard to make out, but the key ones should be marked.

All image categories should be the name of the article they correspond to, followed by "/images", for example; Stanley Tweedle's images are stored under Category:Stanley Tweedle/images.

If a new category is created for images, then it should simply be linked to the article it corresponds to, using something like; {{main|Stanley Tweedle}}, no need for any more content than that in image categories.

Remember to add image categories to suitable parent categories! Character image categories should be added to Category:Images by character and so-on for the following important groups:

Happy image posting!

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