Tales From A Parallel Universe: Music From The Original Sci-Fi Movie Series
Tales from a Parallel Universe
Marty Simon
Released August 12, 1997
Label Colosseum Schallplatten GmbH

All of the songs on the Tales from a Parallel Universe Soundtrack are featured in the original four made-for-TV episode, with the exception of "Planet Cruise" and "Battle of the Universe", which are prominently featured as themes for the beginning of an episode and the ending credits respectively.

  • 1.Cluster Anthem (From Episode 1.1)
  • 2.Prisoner Transport (From Episode 1.1)
  • 3.Snake Chase (From Episode 4.0)
  • 4.Welcome to the Dark Zone (From Episode 1.1)
  • 5.Battle of the Universe (From Episode 1.1)
  • 6.Planet Cruise (From Episode 1.2)
  • 7.Poet Man (From Episode 1.2)
  • 8.Cryochamber (From Episode 1.2)
  • 9.Love Muscle (From Episode 1.2)
  • 10.Gigashadow March (From Episode 1.4)
  • 11.Yo Way Yo/Brunnen-G Fight Song (From Episode 1.1)
  • 12.The Lexx Escape (From Episode 1.1)
  • 13.Zev's Shower (From Episode 1.2)
  • 14.Cleric Theme (From Episode 1.4)
  • 15.Kai Collapse (From Episode 1.4)
  • 16.Shadows and Prophets (From Episode 1.1)
  • 17.Feppo's Party (From Episode 1.4)
  • 18.Milk Fed Boys (From Episode 1.2)
  • 19.Brunnis (From Episode 1.2)
  • 20.Fantasy Dance (From Episode 1.2)
  • 21.Moth Ride (From Episode 1.1)

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