TV World
TV World02
Lexx arriving at TV World
Vital statistics
Type no atmosphere
Size small planetoid
Faction unknown, automated robots leftover from the Ratings Wars
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by Mantrid drones

TV World is a planet-wide television-themed amusement park, where contestants become stars in a television show of their choosing which is then broadcast to Leester and Liber.

History Edit

TV World seems to have been a catalyst for the Ratings Wars, with having the last two surviving members of the planets Leester and Liber dogfight and eventually kill one another on the planetoid. The crew of the Lexx encounters the planetoid in episode Lexx 2.5 "Lafftrak".

Settings Edit

The TV World appears to be a small planetoid that is constantly in a state of perpetual darkness because it does not have its own atmosphere.

Inhabitants Edit

There are no human inhabitants living on TV World, it is presumed that any human staff that was living there died during the Ratings Wars or were decapitated and made part of the studio audience. The only inhabitants on TV World are automated robots who keep that planetoid active through its gradual and apparent decay.

Structure and Employment Edit

At the current there seems to be no actual employees living/working on TV World.

Policies and Procedures Edit


It's all about keeping the studio audience happy with positive ratings

TV World maintains a strict "good ratings" policy, and those who fail to get sufficient ratings from the studio audience are sent to star in "Specialty Show" where their heads are cut off and are kept alive as permanent members of the live studio audience, forced to watch a variety of free TV programming for eternity.

Aftermath Edit

After Xev, Kai, and Stan visited the planetoid, it was subsequently taken over and destroyed by Mantrid drones.

Trivia Edit

  • TV World has a them very similar to typical theme parks such as Disney Land, Six Flags, and Universal Studios, where tourists are given the opportunity to explore a fictional environment and take part in a fairy tale.

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