“Stanley! Stanley Tweedle.” — Smoor


Smoor is the demented colleague of the equally demented Feppo. Smoor seems to share Feppo's interest in men, and particularly enjoys torturing them while strung up on a cradle.

Episode 1.1: "I Worship his Shadow" Edit

Smoor nor Feppo directly appeared in Lexx 1.4 "I Worship His Shadow", however it's hinted that Stanley Tweedle was responsible for losing the amino acid codes which resulted in the destruction of 100 Reform planets (94 as Stan recounts). As Feppo's right hand man, Smoor undoubtedly played a role in probing Stan for information that eventually led to the amino acid codes.

Episode 1.4: "Giga Shadow" Edit

In Lexx 1.4 "Giga Shadow", Smoor is first seen giving his partner Feppo a shoulder massage in what looks like a men only parlor on their private vessel. Smoor listens intrigued by Feppo's regaling of sexual encounters with various men, and grows more excited from his past with Stanley Tweedle.

After receiving Stan's haughty transmission, Feppo has Smoor disguise himself as a young woman and sends out a fake distress signal in order to lure Stan back to their private vessel. Sure enough the plan works and Stan is back again for a second round, however the fun is cut short when the Lexx arrives, devours their ship and excretes Feppo & Smoor on a backwater Swamp planet somewhere in the Light Universe. Feppo and Smoor are presumably made dinner for a pair of giants who gawk at the sight of two strangers claiming them to be "snacks".

Trivia Edit

  • Both Feppo & Smoor appear to be homosexuals, having vested interests in men only

Additional Information Edit

The Character of Smoor was played by Andy Jones

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