Sissy Gollean


Season 2 Edit

Sissy Gollean stowed-away on board the Lexx along with her father, and brothers; Jr. and Norb. Sissy takes almost an immediate interest in Stan upon meeting him and throws herself at him to his discomfort only to have Pa interject and does him one better than Stan (the Golleans apparently like to keep it in the family). Sissy mentions to Stan that she is feeling tired and asks him if there is any place she can rest her head, Stan then takes her to his room where she strips down to her bustier and panties and proceeds to do it with Stan.

Afterward, Pa injects himself into the conversation and tells Sissy to leave the room as things are about to get ugly, but Sissy protests citing that she loves Stanley. Stan out of fear for his own life claims that he also wants to be apart of the Gollean Clan and wishes to marry Sissy, which Pa excitedly proceeds to perform the wedding ceremony right on the bridge of the Lexx. Stan interrupts the ceremony by claiming he has coldfeet and Pa gets angry and threatens Stan to get Sissy's bad side. Sissy reveals that Ma Gollean never wanted to be with Pa, which is why she often went "Berry Picking" angering Pa and resulting in Sissy's demise via being pushed over the Bridge.

Trivia Edit

  • Sissy and the Gollean Clan appeared in Episode 2.8: "White Trash"
  • Interestingly Giggerota was also tossed over the Bridge in Episode 1.1 only to survive. It should be noted that while Sissy died by a simple push where as Giggerota was flung down into the bottom of the Lexx with far more power and velocity. It is unusual that Sissy should die when Giggerota lived, it is never explained but it could be that there was no water at the bottom to break Sissy's fall unlike Giggerota. Also, Giggerota seemed to be something somewhat different from a typical human, and could have been much stronger and more resilient than Sissy.

Additional Information Edit

The character of Sissy Gollean was played by Susan Dalton.