Ruuma's only landmass


Ruuma is a small world belonging to the Divine Order. It is revealed that the planet was chosen for the disposal of the bodies of the Divine Predecessors once the insect essence of His Divine Shadow has been transferred to a new host. The planet is known for its unique geological properties that cause corpses to attain an undead state.

The planet is ruled over by a governor, and presumably would have had a small population to help keep the undead corpses under control or see to feeding them. The only form of structure apparent on the planet is a small stone castle on top of a plateau island in the middle of what otherwise appears to be an entirely ocean-covered world.

Appearances and HistoryEdit

In Lexx 2.13 "Twilight" the crew of the Lexx visit Ruuma after Stanley Tweedle falls ill, as the current governor Roada makes elaborate claims as to the medicinal properties of the world, as he himself is desperate to leave amidst increasingly dangerous undead assaults. Upon their arrival, Roada, and his family attempt to flee the planet and leave the Lexx crew behind, but are all eaten by Lyekka, except for Roada who has his brain eaten by a part-zombified Xev.

Interestingly, the unique properties of the planet appear to have an effect on Kai, who begins reciting poetry and behaving erratically, unintentionally pushing a number of the divine shadows from a steep precipice.

The planet is ultimately destroyed after the crew of the Lexx have fled its surface. Before the Lexx is able to destroy the world at Stanley's request, it is destroyed by Mantrid drones.

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