Pa Gollean

"Things are 'bout to get ugly" -Pa Gollean

Season 2.0 Edit

Pa Gollean stowed-away on board the Lexx along with his children; Jr., Sissy, and Norb. After eating an astronaut, Pa and his family introduce themselves to Stan whom they meet in the galley. Pa immediately takes a vested interest in the Lexx and questions Stan how to "use it". Pa "asks" Stan to take them to Vermal, and he obliges albeit threatened. Pa discovers Sissy and Stan's love nest and interjects the session by proclaiming "things are about to get ugly" (flashes of "Deliverance"), but Sissy protests claiming that she and Stan love each other and want to get married and Pa happily agrees and decides to perform the ceremony then and there on the Lexx. Jr. and Xev disembark on a Moth down to Vermal to attend the Party, leaving and angry Pa to find out on his own he kills Sissy by pushing her over the bridge after Stan's refusal to marry her and runs away at the sight of Kai whom he calls "the law". After Kai and Norb leave the Lexx, Pa plays a little game of hide-and-seek with Stan and after a heated argument with his Cousin/Daddy Gollean, demands Stan to blow up Vermal despite the fact that Kai, Xev and his offspring are still down there. Pa eventually hears the sad truth from Norb's mouth and learns that he is unrelated to the genius child, and that every time Ma Gollean went out to go "berry picking" she was actually sleeping with a crashed Space Pilot, Norb's father. Hearing enough Pa coerces Stanley to blow up Vermal, whom obliges after seeing the moth carring Xev and Kai flying safely back to the Lexx. Pa runs away when Kai "the Law" returns and is devoured by an awakening Lyekka.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gollean Family appear in the Episode 2.8: "White Trash".
  • The Gollean family is an exaggerated example of southern hillbillies or rednecks.
  • The scene where Pa is about to rape Stan is most likely derived from the film "Deliverance".

Additional Information Edit

The Character of Pa Gollean is played by American actor Maury Chaykin.

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