Ostral-B Outpost Attacked

An Ostral-B outpost firing upon the Megashadow.


Ostral-B is the home of the Ostral-B heretics, a renegade organisation opposed to the Divine Order. Though it is not clearly specified, the planet is likely one of the Reform planets, separatist worlds that were not a part of the League of 20,000 Planets.

The planet itself is never actually seen, and its population, climate, or other characteristics remain unknown.

It is described on occasion as "the Ostral-B pair" which may suggest either a pair of inhabited worlds in the same system, or more likely a single primary world in a binary star system. The latter seems most plausible given the common use of simply "Ostral-B" as a place of origin, though the lack of information means no definitive answer is known.

Appearances and HistoryEdit

The planet Ostral-B does not itself appear within the series, however one of its outposts is first seen in Lexx 1.4 "Giga Shadow", after Stanley Tweedle mistakenly leads the Divine Order flagship, the Megashadow, into their space. The outpost fires sets of heavy guns, but is no match for the super weapon of the Divine Order.

Ostral-B is presumed to be destroyed after Stanley, stranded, is captured by perverted mercenary Feppo who is able to gain information and security codes hidden within his tooth, leading to the destruction of the 94 Reform Planets, earning Stanley the title of Arch Traitor.