“What kind of processor do you have?” — Norb to 790


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White TrashEdit

In Lexx 2.8 "White Trash", Norb stows away onto the Lexx along with the rest of the Gollean clan and ends up taking an interest in 790. Norb makes a deal with 790 to awaken Kai in return he will go down to Vermal with him to fix his charger. When Kai awakens, 790 tries backing out of the deal he made with Norb by saying that it didn't count but Kai is reluctant to default on Norb's agreement.

Norb tells Kai about his past how his father was a space pilot who crashed on Vermal and met his mother, Ma Gollean. Norb's mother would often go out "berry picking" when all the while she was sleeping with Norb's father (also named Norb). Norb finishes work on his little ship with the help of Kai and 790 and sends Pa Gollean one last message before blasting away from Vermal forever.


In Lexx 2.12 "Norb", Norb arrives at the Big Fat Candy House only to find out that it has become overrun with by Mantrid Drones and quickly flees but is outnumbered by the many drones. Desperate for help, Norb ejects himself from the charger and transmits a distress signal across all of the frequencies eventually reaching the Lexx. Kai and Xev come to save Norb and return him to the bridge. Stan notices something odd about Norb's personality this time around, and Kai mentions that Norb reminds him of himself (like he may not be Norb anymore). Stan and Xev arrive back at Xev's room to get some answers out of Norb when they realize he is gone, and the ship becomes overrun by Mantrid drones, who rebuild themselves by using parts of the Lexx's insides. It appears as though Norb was already killed and had his image assimilated by the Mantrid drones long before Xev and Kai reached him in space.

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  • The TV Trope for Norb is "Reverse Polarity"
  • Norb is undoubtedly the smartest member of the Gollean Clan, which is most likely due to him being half-related since his real father was not Pa Gollean but a space pilot named Norb.
  • Theme Music: Two pieces of music play accompanying Norb; "Girl Awakens/Norb Launch", found on the Series Soundtrack, and "Norb Vs Mantrid" (found on the Cluster of Music soundtrack).

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The Character of Norb was played by Brandon McCarvell.

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