The Lexx soundtracks were all written and arranged by veteran composer Marty Simon. Below is a listing of every Lexx Soundtrack.

Tales from a Parallel Universe Edit

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All of the pieces from the first Lexx Soundtrack are featured in the original four made-for-TV films, with the exception of "Planet Cruise" and "Battle of the Universe", which are prominently featured as themes for the beginning of an episode and the ending credits respectively.

Lexx: The Series Edit

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Much of the music contained on the second Lexx soundtrack can be heard reoccurring through Seasons 2 through 4. The large majority of the pieces from the Series soundtrack are from Seasons 2 and 3.

Brigadoom Edit

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All of the songs featured on the "Brigadoom" soundtrack were exclusive to the Season 2.18 Episode: "Brigadoom".

Lexx: A Cluster of Music Edit

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The music featured on "A Cluster of Music" are all previously unreleased tracks that had been featured throughout the duration of Lexx. The soundtrack is unique for featuring unreleased music from seasons 3 and 4, most likely because Lexx was still in production of Season 4 by the time the Series Soundtrack was released.

Trivia Edit

  • All three of the Lexx opening themes are edited variations of existing ones; The Season 1 theme is an edit of the "Cleric theme" from the first Soundtrack, with the Season 2 opening theme being a remix of the first. The opening theme for Season 3 and 4 is an edit of "The Lexx Escape".

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