Mega Shadow

The Megashadow prepares its main weapon.


The Megashadow is the flagship of the Divine Order and is the successor to the Foreshadow.

Unlike the Foreshadow, it is almost squid-like in appearance, with a large convex "teardrop" styled body with a flat-front. On the front is a large iris aperture styled after the bladed spiral symbol of the Divine Order, and enclosing a huge launch-bay. Arranged around the front are a set of six clawed arms.

Although it is assumed that the Megashadow is of similar, or even greater, size to that of the Foreshadow, it is revealed to be hundreds of times smaller than the Lexx.


Megashadow Fighters

The Megashadow launches beetle-like fighters.

Just as with the Foreshadow, the Megashadow only appears to have a single main-weapon; in its case a powerful ship-scale Black Pack type weapon that fires web-like sheets of energy from its clawed arms, capable of destroying most targets with a single shot, or entire planets after sustained and prolonged bombardment.

The Megashadow is a command carrier, and houses a large number of smaller craft, allowing it to defend itself against targets that its main weapon may be too slow to target.

Though never actually seen, it is reasonable to assume that the Megashadow also possesses smaller point defense weapons similar to the Foreshadow.


The Megashadow is first seen in Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" when it pursues the Lexx under the command of His Divine Shadow, as it flees beyond the Frontier after being stolen by Stan, Zev and Giggerota. His Divine Shadow exits the Megashadow in order to board the Lexx to deal with the situation personally. After His Divine Shadow is defeated, the Lexx flees into a Fractal Core into the Dark Universe, still pursued by the Megashadow which begins firing upon the Lexx at His Shadow's orders. As the Lexx is even more colossal than the Megashadow, even the main weapon does little damage, giving the Lexx time to charge and fire its own primary weapon, having been purged of its safeguards against firing upon vessels and planets of the Divine Order during the trip through the Fractal Core.

In Lexx 1.4 "Giga Shadow", in a flashback, the Megashadow is shown destroying an Ostral-B outpost, leaving Stanley Tweedle stranded in open space where he is later captured by Feppo to become the "arch-traitor" of present time.

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