For the episode with the same name, see Mantrid (episode).
“The Divine Order has been destroyed, and Mantrid is not part of it.” — Kai
Lexx mantrid
Vital statistics
Title Surpreme Bio-Vizier
Gender Male
Race Human (prior)
Insect/Human/Machine (post)
Affiliation Divine Order
From Light Universe
Status Deceased

Mantrid was once the Divine Shadow's mightiest Bio-Vizier (but maintained a rivalry with his mentor Brizon) until His Divine Shadow exiled him to a barren snow covered planet, Mantrid's World.

Mantrid was obsessed with trying to extend his life, including by replacing his human body as it had begun to fail. He now utilized a jar filled with his remaining vital organs and used many hovering robot arms to do his bidding. His plan is to build a robotic replacement body for himself and transfer his mind into it before his body fails completely.

Season 2 Edit

Mantrid's machine

Mantrid's machine prior to his transference into it.

Mantrid makes his first appearance in Lexx 2.1 "Mantrid", the episode opens with him scolding his apprentice Viggo and threatening to kill him while Viggo implores his master to end his life, Mantrid declines and returns to his research. Mantrid encounters Kai and Zev, after Kai (possessed by the Shadow) brings a dormant insect to the planet in order to have protoblood extracted from its body. Kai while under the influence of the Shadow kills Mantrid, and gives the essence to the dormant insect causing it to come to life. A hysterical Viggo commands several drones to remove the blue organ from the insect and proceeds to bring Mantrid back to life using the essence of the Shadow. Viggo's plan works, however Mantrid disposes of Viggo and escapes the planet avoiding annihilation from the Lexx. He then pursues the Lexx with his robot arms, which are capable of replicating themselves, seemingly with any matter, while eventually consuming most of the universe. The crew of the Lexx eventually prevails, in a sense, by tricking him into moving most of the mass of the universe (now robot arms) into a small area, collapsing the entire Light Universe.

Season 3 Edit

Mantrid makes a small appearance in Lexx 3.6 "K-Town". He now appears to be fully human and is devoid of memory of his previous appearance. He seems to recall some instance of his past self but cannot remember who is was. Stating that he simply "woke up" like all the other people on the planets Fire and Water.

He helps Stan and Xev escape from the inhabitants of K-Town and asks them who Mantrid is. Appearing to have lost his mind Stan and Xev tell him who he was and he is highly encouraged by the idea that he was the greatest Bio-Vizier who ever lived even if he did not know what one was.

Later in the episode Kai is found and is malfunctioning, Mantrid participates in Kai's diagnostic procedure but makes a mistake which causes Kai to "cleanse" him by killing Mantrid with his brace. As he dies he shouts "I destroyed a universe...."

Trivia Edit

  • The TV Tropes for Mantrid are, "Big Bad" (for Season 2.0), "From Nobody to Nightmare"
  • Theme Music; the music played accompanying Mantrid is entitled: "Mantrid Medley", and can be found on the Lexx: The Series soundtrack.
  • In the credits for Lexx 2.1 "Mantrid", the "Mantrid Build" gives credit to "dead chickens", which is indeed what some of the suspended matter inside of Mantrid's jar looks like.

Additional Information Edit

The Character of Mantrid was played by Dieter Laser

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