Little lexx

Little Lexx

Little Lexx is seen being born at the end of Lexx 4.29 "Yo Way Yo" as the Lexx dies and decomposes. The new ship is much smaller in size than the original Lexx. Being the offspring of The Lexx and a comman dragonfly, Little Lexx has some features of both. He posses one antennae, legs, and a flexable tail. This gives Little Lexx a more organic look. It is unknown as to if Little Lexx has the same destructive capabilities as The Lexx. The episode ends with the crew flying off inside of it.

XEV: Wow
STAN: Who are you?
LITTLELEXX: I don't know
STAN: I am Stanley H Tweedle, your captain
STAN: Yes I am

(A blue Key appears, and goes into Stanley's hand)

LITTLELEXX: And what do you command me to do, Captain?
XEV: Find us a new home, LittleLexx
STAN: LittleLexx - find us a new home
LITTLELEXX: As you command, Captain

Additional informationEdit

The Little Lexx was voiced by Tom Gallant, who also voiced The Lexx. However, his voice was electronically altered to produce the higher pitched voice of the Little Lexx.

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