Season 3, Episode 06
Air date March 12, 2000
Written by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff
Directed by Robert Sigl
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On entering K-Town through a hole high in the wall, Xev and Stan have to deal with the tunnels and their demented inhabitants. They are introduced to a group of locals by Tish, but they soon fall out of favour and are pursued by Cab and Zin. They also meet Mantrid, who is devoid of memory and seemingly docile. Kai climbs up the tower, saves Tish, and then has a systems failure. Xev and Stan try to repair Kai under his guidance, but are hampered by being lapidated by Tish, Cab, and Zin. Mantrid, highly encouraged by Xev and Stan telling him that he was the greatest Bio-Vizier who ever lived, intervenes and clumsily attempts to repair Kai. Still devoid of his original memories, his arrogant but random tampering results in Kai "cleansing" him. Xev and Stan manage to throw Kai off the tower to realign him, but it doesn't work, and he is captured and recovered to Hogtown.

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