“In the dictionary, right beside the word 'stupid' is a picture of you!” — Gloodel
Jr Gollean

Jr. Gollean

Season 2 Edit

Jr. Gollean stowed away on board the Lexx along with his father, sister, and little half-brother Norb. Jr. becomes increasingly excited about the prospect of going to Vermal to show off Xev in front of the locals, but Pa forbids it. Jr. on his own takes Xev in a moth and flies down to Vermal to attend the party. Jr. ends up being captured by Cousin Daddy and gets fed to a pit full of mine critters over the squawker for Pa and Stan to hear.

Trivia Edit

  • Jr. was apparently not very smart, and ended up returning to his home world of Vermal without his family only to end up being killed.

Additional Information Edit

The character of Jr. was played by Dave Carmichael.

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