Jihana is the Grand Prosecutor of the Reformed Planets. A refined-looking woman with dragon-lady fingernails and a bat-shaped necklace containing a lethal needle, she appears to take the concept of justice with extreme seriousness, but later confesses to her aides that she is a sadist who gets sexual excitement only from watching people die, preferably in slow and painful fashions. She uses the Reformed Planets' ossified justice system, which grants no rights to "drifters" and other non-citizens, as a vehicle for her murderous intentions, with the aid of a dedicated corps of yes-men, all of whom dress in the blue uniforms of the judiciary. Her intention to kill Stanley Tweedle in the most painful fashion imaginable is thwarted by Kai and by one of her own aides who realizes she is not interested in real justice; at the end of the episode this aide tells Jihana "You are a truly evil woman," and she takes it as a compliment. Moments later both are killed by Mantrid drones.

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