Season 3, Episode 05
Duke2 Duke in a Gondola.
Air date March 5, 2000
Written by Paul Donovan
Directed by William Fleming
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In a dramatic survival episode, the crippled moth falls to Fire in the night. Duke and Fifi also crash their moth. All of them have to make it to a city before the sun rises, or they'll fry.

The Lexx team consists of Bunny, Xev, Stan, and the two Kai's (a dead Kai and a mortal Kai) find a wrecked gondola and inflate it up. During their flight, they realize that there is not enough fuel to make it across the lava lakes, unless there is less weight. The dead Kai volunteers to jump overboard and walk through the lava on foot.

Duke decides that it's easier to just sit in the desert and die, which worries Fifi a bit. Duke explains the Water/Fire reincarnation system. However, the Lexx team find them, and stupidly pick them up, unable to solve the moral dilemma. Bunny gets thrown overboard.

Stan and Xev make it to tower of K-Town, and then defend themselves against mortal-Kai (who is really Prince in disguise), and Fifi.

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