For episode with the same name, see Gametown (episode).
Game Town

Gametown on Water.

Gametown is a city on planet Water that is the focus of the episode Gametown. All of its inhabitants entertain themselves by playing frequent competitive athletic ball games.

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The city first appears in Lexx 3.3 "Gametown", when Kai lands there to attempt to procure food for the Lexx.

The city is destroyed in Lexx 3.4 "Boomtown", where it is destroyed by Duke and Fifi, sinking into the sea.

The city is reincarnated, apparently in a similar manner to the people living the two planets, and is seen again in Lexx 3.12 "The Beach" and Lexx 3.13 "Heaven and Hell", when Kai is reawaked there after falling to the center of Water.

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