The Foreshadow charges its main weapon.


The Foreshadow was a ship that preceded the Megashadow. It was the personal flagship of His Divine Shadow, and was deployed during the complete destruction of Brunnis-2, homeworld of the Brunnen-G.

Its appearance is that of a huge spider-web, arranged around a large central structure, with a lower, eye-like command module, and mounting various sensor dishes around its extremities. It is shown to be hundreds of times the size of the Brunnen-G attack craft that assault it.

During the Brunnen-G's last-ditch effort to destroy it, the Foreshadow displays the ability to close its command-module with an eye-lid like shield, revealing that during normal operation it may either require visibility in order to operate effectively, or that during the battle His Divine Shadow was arrogant enough to believe himself unassailable as he observed the destruction of Brunnis-2.


Brunnis-2 Destroyed

Brunnis-2 destroyed.

The Foreshadow's web-like armatures are a single massive primary weapon, that fires sheets of energy in the form of a massive Black Pack discharge. These cause critical amounts of damage during the assault on Brunnis-2, seemingly ignoring the planetary shield entirely, and eventually destabilising the surface of the planet so completely that it breaks apart. Unlike the Lexx, constructed 2008 years later, it requires a large number of shots before it is able to destroy a planet.

Additional point-defence weapons exist at various locations on the Foreshadow's web, and may in fact be the sensor dishes seen in such locations. These weapons appear to be turreted and capable of attacking small craft with great accuracy, causing them to spin out of control, rather than destroying them directly.


In Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" the Foreshadow's only appearance in the series is during the destruction of the Brunnen-G homeworld of Brunnis-2. In the opening sequence of the episode Kai, leading a number of Brunnen-G fighters in insect fighters, launches an ill-fated assault against the Foreshadow. As Brunnis-2 collapses from the Foreshadow's assault, Kai leads a suicide run, attempting to cripple the ship's weak-point, the central command module. Though he succeeds in breaching the command module's exterior, its shield quickly closes, re-pressurising the interior where Kai, dying, is confronted by His Divine Shadow.

During Lexx 2.18 "Brigadoom", the events of Kai's death are recounted. Of note is the fact that the Brunnen-G defence effort is known to be hopeless well before their world is destroyed, and that the attack against the Foreshadow is simply a dying gesture in the hope of also destroying the Divine Order's flagship or harming His Divine Shadow.

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