“How do you spell sucker, sucker, sucker...” — Feppo to Stan

Feppo reminiscing about Stan

Feppo was a mercenary who once captured Stanley Tweedle by tricking him into giving away his position and tortured him for the amino acid codes which he then sold to the Divine Order for a profit.

Episode 1.1: "I Worship His Shadow" Edit

While Feppo never makes an appearance in Episode 1.1, it is hinted at that Stanley Tweedle was responsible for losing the amino acid codes to the Divine Order, resulting in the destruction of 100 planets (to which Stan recounts as only being 94).

Episode 1.4: "Giga Shadow" Edit


Feppo capturing Stan for a second time

Feppo is seen reminiscing with his partner Smoor about his sexual adventures with various men across the universe.

Feppo: "I called him the 'task master', the 'pipe-fitter', the 'pump'. An insatiable mute who redefined perpetual motion."
Smoor: "Tell me, who is your all-time favorite Feppo?"
Feppo: "Oh Smoor, I'm getting all misty eyed."
Smoor: "Stanley! Stanley Tweedle."
Feppo: "His squeal, will I ever again experience such beautiful music?"

—Feppo recounting to Smoor his various sexual encounters

Feppo tells Smoor that Stanley Tweedle was his favorite and recounts the time he found, captured, and probed (quite literally) him for information. Later Feppo picks up a signal from none other than Stanley Tweedle himself, Feppo excitedly hatches a scheme to trick Stanley yet again and relive their fun time all over again. Feppo has Smoor send a false distress signal to the Lexx, causing Stan to believe that a beautiful young woman is dying from suffocation. Sure enough the plan works and Stan comes to the rescue of the dying girl only to find an excited Smoor dressed in a wig working the transmitter. Feppo gets Stanley rigged up on the cradle once more and asks him to squeal for the people, but the fun doesn't last long since Stanley allowed himself to get captured only to have the Lexx come along and eat Feppo's ship. Feppo and Smoor were devoured by the Lexx only to be excreted on a backwater planet somewhere in the Light Universe where they were presumably made into dinner for a pair of giants.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Feppo & Smoor appear to be homosexuals, having vested interests in men only.
  • Theme Music: The music that usually plays in the background associated with Feppo is titled; "Feppo's Party", it can be found on the Tales From a Parallel Universe Soundtrack.

Additional Information Edit

The character of Feppo is played by Michael Habek

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