“The guys back at home aren't gonna believe this!” — Enox


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Enox was a human adolescent traveling to a space camp with four other friends. It was by Tad's suggestion that the group put themselves into suspended animation while setting a "Wake-up signal", a signal when picked up by another ship would transmit a signal back to the shuttle, waking the teens up. The plan failed, and the teens remained asleep for 300 years until their signal was picked up by the Lexx while traversing the Light Universe.

Season 2 Edit

Enox along with his friends; Gibble, Laleen, Tad, and Kanana were discovered by Xev to be still asleep in their Cryo-Units. Xev awakens them and brings them aboard the Lexx, where Stan introduces the teens to the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. Enox tries his hand at flirting with Xev only to be given the cold shoulder, and asks Kanana if she wants a smooch only to be told to "get lost".


Enox vandalizing Kai's Cryo-Unit

Eventually Enox and Gibble make their way into the Cryochamber despite Stan's declaring the area off limits. Enox spray paints a skull design on Kai's Cryo-Unit and messes with the controls to 790's chagrin, and worries his pal Gibble by instigating the sleeping assassin. Enox tells Kai that he should kill Tad, then Kanana (calling her a "sanctimonious cow"), then Laleen, Xev, Stan, and everyone else but to do so in fun and creative ways (like sometimes killing someone slow and fast). Enox's technological ignorance gets the better of him when Kai awakens, corrupted by the tampering of his Cryo-Unit and proceeds to go on a murderous killing spree not unlike those of the 1980's teen slasher films, Enox is the second to last teenager killed.


Enox about to be killed by Kai

Trivia Edit

  • Tad was most likely the "leader" of the group of teens, which is possibly why Enox held more animosity towards Tad.
  • Enox is the fourth teen out of the group to be killed by Kai.
  • The whole premise of "Wake the Dead" is very remniscent of movies from the nineteen-eighties slasher genre, like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.

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The character of Enox was played by Andrew Bigelow

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