“I kill to live, and I live to kill” — Desh
Vital statistics
Title prisoner, convicted murderer
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation None
From Unknown
Status Deceased
  • Convicted murderer

Season 2 Edit

Desh was a murderous criminal who had been captured and was on her way to be taken to prison, where she would be tried and executed, but she encountered unexpected problems when the ship crashed on a Desert World. Desh sent a fake distress signal out that was eventually picked up by the Lexx. The crew was tricked into finding and retrieving Desh's heart, which had been removed from her body and placed into a jar to prevent her from escaping. Desh reveals her true colors once her heart is returned to her, she attempts to flee in one of the landed moths but Lyekka arrives and devours her.

Trivia Edit

  • Desh appears only in Lexx 2.9 "791".
  • Theme Music: The music playing accompanying the character of Desh is "Girl Awakens/Norb Launch" from the Series Soundtrack.

Additional Information Edit

The character of Desh is played by Canadian actress Amy Kerr. She also plays one of the Texas schoolgirls who ends up on Dr. Longbore's escape ship, and is present in several episodes of the 4th season including: Lexx 4.4 "Stan Down", Lexx 4.5 "Xevivor", Lexx 4.17 "Dutch Treat", Lexx 4.10 "Magic Baby", Lexx 4.13 "769", and Lexx 4.24 "Yo Way Yo".

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