Desert World
Desert Planet
Vital statistics
Type Arid with unbreathable atmosphere
Size medium
Faction unknown
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by Desh

History Edit

Nothing is known about this planet's history. In Lexx 2.9 "791", the crew receive a distress signal from the planet and Xev, Kai, and 790 go down to the surface to investigate, where they find a crashed prisoner transport ship.

Settings Edit

The Desert World has a very thin atmosphere, and humanoids would require a pressure suit. Solar winds make it difficult to traverse to the expanse.

Inhabitants Edit

Not a life bearing planet. There are no known living inhabitants of this world, besides those aboard the crashed prisoner transport ship (Desh and several other prisoners).

Structure and Employment Edit

There is no structure known on the Desert World, however it is possible that it was used as a place of banishment during the reign of His Divine Shadow.

Policies and Procedures Edit

There are no known policies or procedures.

Aftermath Edit

After the crew left the planet, thermal charges set-up by escaped criminal Desh destroy the prisoner transport ship and the entire planet itself.