Brunnis-2, secondary homeworld of the Brunnen-G.
Vital statistics
Type Terran
Size Medium
Faction Brunnen-G
Location Light Zone
Destroyed by the Foreshadow.

Brunnis-2 is the secondary home world of Kai and the Brunnen-G people. It is a medium sized world with Earth-like geology, displaying a tendency toward lush green habitable regions with no obvious desert or polar regions.

History Edit

After evacuating Brunnis-1, which was located in the Dark Zone, the Brunnen-G left for the Light Zone where they settled on a new home that came to be known as Brunnis-2. On this world the Brunnen-G continued to thrive until the great insect wars, when they fought against the insect armies. After their victory they became complacent and their society more decadent, eventually discovering the secret to immortal life they become more withdrawn, hiding behind the defensive shield of their world and avoiding any form of danger that might put an end to their eternal lives.

Eventually the shield around their world began to fail, allowing younger Brunnen-G, including Kai, to leave the world. Kai sought out the Time Prophet, who informed him that Brunnis-2 was doomed to be destroyed by the Divine Order. Although Kai attempted to warn his people they refused to listen, eventually welcoming death instead of choosing to fight. The younger Brunnen-G warriors made a hopeless last stand, singing the ancient Brunnen-G warsong Yo Way Yo in their fateful assault against the Foreshadow before it destroyed their world ending their entire race, with the exception of Kai.

Brunnis-2 was destroyed 2008 years prior to the events in Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow".


Brunnis-2 Destroyed

Brunnis-2 destroyed.

First appeared in Lexx 1.1 "I Worship His Shadow" as it is being destroyed by the Foreshadow, while Kai leads a desperate attempt to defend his home planet.

Scenes depicting events upon the planet's surface are later played out in Lexx 2.18 "Brigadoom" as part of the musical, showing the population as decadent immortals terrified of death as they neglect the defence of their world and shun the events on other planets.

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