Season 3, Episode 10
Air date April 9, 2000
Written by Paul Donovan
Directed by Christoph Schrewe
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The Garden is raided by Prince, and Stan's love, Lyekka, dies again, with 5 arrows in her back. Xev is kidnapped, and Kai requisitions an attacking balloon.

From the balloon, they engage in a battle of wits with Prince and his offsider, Priest. After a series of daring moves, both Prince and Priest die. Stan and Kai make it to the Lexx, and begin a search for Xev.

Meanwhile, Xev is walking alone through the desert. Prince reincarnates near her, to walk with her and with the intent of watching her die in the scorching heat. He's not part Cluster Lizard, so he dies first.

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  • The offsider who dies with Prince in the balloon scene appears as President Reginald J. Priest in season 4.
  • Rated one of the most visually spectacular episodes.

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